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5 Creative Ways To Use Mobile for Your Marketing Campaign

Marketers are constantly on the lookout for creative ways to promote a product or service. Mobile phones have emerged as one of the most powerful tools when it comes to marketing. Anyone that is not taking advantage of this technology is not reaching all of their potential market. Since people (especially younger people) are increasingly using their phones to surf the Internet, marketers have even more ways to use mobile phones to promote their products. Here are five creative ways that you can use mobile for your marketing campaign.


1. Snapchat
Snapchat is an application that allows users to take photos and record video, as well as to add text and drawings. They can then send these photos, videos, texts or drawings to a large group of people. The sender can set a time limit for how long the recipients have to view the message.

Snapchat can be a powerful tool for mobile marketers, as it allows them to send time sensitive offers to their potential customers. A great use for this application would be to send an offer, special code or discount to a controlled list of recipients that is limited to 24-48 hours. This is not only an easy way to reach a large group of people, but it also gives them a prompt to take further action, which is a common marketing technique.

2. Kik and Voxer
One of the best ways to interact with customers is by giving them the opportunity to chat in real time. Instant messaging services like Kik and Voxer are perfect for interacting with customers. They can be used to provide customer support or to just answer questions that customers might have. Customers are usually impressed by businesses that respond to their queries and complaints in a timely fashion. A real time conversation with a customer is a great way to show them that the business is concerned about their issues. The more a customer is interacting with a company, the more likely they are to continue buying their products or services.



3. Instagram
Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet. While many businesses are already using sites like Facebook and Twitter, they may not realize how to fully utilize Instagram.

Unlike other social networking sites, Instagram is mostly focused on photo sharing. It allows users to put a variety of filters on their photos to make them look more interesting and artistic. This offers marketers a powerful and easy way to share photos of their products or share things like behind the scenes photos, recipes, new products, fashion, daily tips or photos of someone using a product.

Since many people would rather look at a picture than read text, Instagram is a great way to reach a large audience with powerful imagery.


4. Vine
Vine is a relatively new application that allows users to easily record and share short videos on their social networking sites. Vine sets a limit on video length of six seconds, but a clever marketer can put a lot into six seconds.

Marketers can use Vine to make and share short videos of their products. This could be anything from someone eating a burger to a person wearing a new diamond ring. Vine allows marketers to show people using their products in real life, which gives customers a great idea of what they will get.


5. YouTube
Everyone is aware of YouTube at this point, but what a lot of people don’t know is that YouTube is actually the second biggest search engine on the Internet. This means that it can be a great tool for marketers to reach customers. Modern Internet users prefer to watch videos rather than read big blocks of text. Marketers can take advantage of this by making videos about their products or services. This could be anything from a “how to” video to something that is funny or even shocking.

Since potential customers are searching for specific terms on YouTube, marketers should be sure to use well-chosen keywords in the title and description of the video. It is also crucial to include links to the main site where the product is located. YouTube gives marketers a creative way to promote their brand.

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