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Email Marketing is Smart. Way Smart.

Marketing is an art: It is the art of creative communication with your existing customer base and your potential customer base. Email marketing can be a portal to consistent, engaging, and financially rewarding contact with the human beings in your target market.

We all know that Internet has forever changed how companies sell their products and services and the evolution continues. (Well, unless you are a member of a tribe in the Amazon who has yet to make connect with the wider world. But then you are probably not reading this.)
is a super smart way to communicate a message to a market segment. Sure, there are other productive ways, like pay-per-click ads on search engine sites and elaborate webpages with interactive features – but email marketing zeroes in on the individual customer in a way that other online tactics do not.



We think of email marketing as the equivalent of what was once direct-mail marketing, only with much more oomph – and results that could really rock your bottom line. Here are 7 reasons that investing in email marketing is way smart.

1.) Zoom. Email marketing allows you to work fast. Let’s imagine that you sell art supplies. You want to target your best customers with a 50% discount coupon that applies to any item in your store. You just know that the art students will be skipping breakfast and running down to your shop because they can finally afford that shade of Robin’s Egg Blue that they’d usually have to lay down $45 for. Email marketing lets you send out the coupon to your entire customer database the day before the sale. You will get everyone’s attention and you’ll have used email marketing to throw a wicked just-in-time sales event.

2.) Email marketing lets you target individual customers with offers that will appeal directly to them, based on their sales history. If you sell audio books and Sherlock Smith buys a mystery or two every month, you want to let him know that you have a 25% off offer on all mystery titles right? He is going to love you for it. Oh, and Clever Chloe will be similarly smitten with her email letting her know that all Nineteenth Century literature is about to get much cheaper – for a few days.

3.) Testing…1…2…3…Testing. Email marketing is an inexpensive way to test a promotional idea. Perhaps Edgar in advertising believes that offering one book free for every three a customer buys will have customers lining up and loving it. You totally hope this is true (you have an inventory problem) but harbor an intense bias against buy-3-get-1-free sales. Test Edgar’s theory: You can put out a targeted email that makes the offer and track how many responses you get.

4.) Every savvy business owner knows that regular communication with customers builds loyalty. Email marketing lets you keep in touch with your customer base, letting them know that you are still around and what is happening that may be of interest to them. Eunice Cable loves to buy expensive wool at your shop? You’d be amiss if you did not let her know that it is all on sale for one day only. (Seriously amiss.) Of course, you don’t want to email your loyal customers too often – the marketing gurus suggest that more than once a week may be crossing the line between friendly and annoying.

5.) It can be expensive to print flyers or coupons or notices. Email marketing has associated costs but they are dwarfed by the costs generated by their cousins in the world of paper. Do your bottom line a favor and go electronic as often as you can. Oh, and you will reap the additional benefit of not offending those who loathe flyers – and that is a good thing.

6.) Green. It is a marvelous color and the planet is filled with environmentally conscious human beings. Businesses who are responsive to their concerns are well-placed to flourish now and in our increasing fabulous green future. Let your customers know that you are going electronic because you too care about trees.

7.) Link to your social media in your email marketing; make it ridiculously easy for your customers to follow you on Twitter or like you on Facebook. Your email marketing tactic should be a solid part of an overall online marketing strategy that gets results.

Email marketing can bring you to a happy place where you have regular contact with your customers; you can make offers that appeal to individual customers; you can give information to your entire database of customers in seconds, you can tailor your promotional offers! to specific events affecting your business by working fast. If this sounds great, it is because it is.

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