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How to Market for Mobile Phones


Are you missing out on an endless amount of profits just because you’re not using online video on mobile devices?

More than 1 billion unique visitors go to YouTube each and every single month to watch videos – and over 25% of that global traffic comes from mobile devices. Over 1 billion views every single day occur on YouTube mobile (the app designed for the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry operating systems) – an apt that is available on literally hundreds of millions of devices all over the world.


Yes, we are talking about billions here. Every. Single. Day.

Wouldn’t you like to put your business in front of those people – or at least a significant portion of those people – and drive into your web platforms in an effort to turn them from viewers to prospects to customers?

You wouldn’t be alone.

Online video marketing has absolutely changed the face of mobile advertising and marketing forever

While YouTube and other video sites used to be the sole domain of desktops and laptops (simply because wireless networks didn’t have the kind of bandwidth and infrastructure to support high-definition video), this has changed dramatically in the last few years. Traffic from mobile devices just to YouTube alone tripled in 2011 – and has continued to rise and jump each and every single year afterwards.

To say that there is an online video marketing bubble occurring would be the understatement of the century – and the odds are you are not leveraging this opportunity and the way that you should.



However, YouTube isn’t the only one kicking up a tremendous amount of online video noise – Vine has become a number one social media network across mobile phones faster than anyone has ever anticipated

The odds are fantastic that you’ve never even heard of maybe the most popular social media network exclusively on mobile devices before – and that’s a shame. Vine has quickly established itself as one of the most effective methods of sharing online videos from user to user, creating quick clips from content and disseminating it across a number of mobile devices (and traditional devices as well) inside of the blink of an eye.

And still nobody is really talking about it.

However, that’s both a good news, bad news situation – so long as it continues to fly under the radar a bit you should be able to jump in on the ground floor and maximize the Vine platform for your own marketing methods before your competition even knows what hit them.

The truth of the matter is that most people are ignoring online video even though they probably contribute a significant amount of those unique views of themselves – simply because they don’t understand fully of the power at their fingertips

The most perfect way I can illustrate the power of online video for any business person who is serious about increasing their effectiveness and sales dramatically is to ask you whether you would rather read a book about something you were tremendously interested in or if you would watch a movie, documentary, or TV series about the same thing.

If you are anything like 99.9% of the population (and this is no knock against the bookworms – I happen to be one of them) your first thought went to the video. Our entire culture is it inundated with video across all different kinds of technologies and spectrums, and the moment that you start using video yourself in your marketing you’ll be able to cut through the clutter and junk that is holding back your advertising and explode your results faster than you have ever anticipated before.

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