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Why Persistence Pays Off


A gifted sculpture can visualize whatever he wants to create from a piece of rock. He mastered all the techniques to achieve his goal. However, unless he starts working and chipping away at it, the rock will forever remain only a rock.

In business, the best ideas can only take you so far. In the long run, what matters more is your ability to work day in and day out to so that you can take a step closer to the success that you so desired.

  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day


Success doesn’t happen overnight, but is built with time. This is a very important lesson that every startup entrepreneur has to understand fully. The idea is that the greatest accomplishments happen over a course of time. Your business’ success isn’t measured by one stroke of a deal.

The Romans didn’t stop once they completed one or two architectural marvels. After they finished the buildings and important structures, they tried to find other ways to make the city a better place. They constructed aqueducts to provide a continuous supply of water to the citizens and they fortified walls to defend the city from other conquering races. This is the same mindset that many successful entrepreneurs have in common.

In today’s age in which technological advancements happen all the time, the business playing field is constantly changing and you need to be always on your feet and ready to pounce on opportunities to strengthen or allow your business to grow.

  1. Try everything

Ideas are only ideas until you try them out. Therefore, take chances. Taking control of a business is sometimes like driving a car without a GPS to a place you’re not familiar with. You know what direction you’re headed for but there is no exact route for you to follow. You’ll encounter crossroads that will force you to make an important decision.

You could wait for many hours for a fellow motorist that may never arrive. But if you have enough gas, you can try and find out where each of the roads will take you. This way, you don’t have to stay idle. You can keep on moving and you might luck out and choose the right way on your first try. If not, you would have learned a valuable lesson on where the other roads can take you.

The bottom line is that if you have the means to do so, exhaust all the different ways you can achieve your business goals. You can learn what works and what doesn’t and use the knowledge for making important decisions in the future.

  1. Practice makes perfect


You learn a skill and it helps you with this task. Later on, that task might help with something else in your project. If you value your education, then you know the importance of experience in business, be it good or bad.

In every project or every step you take, you need to understand that whether you enjoy or despise the experience, that everything is an opportunity to learn new skills and understand lessons that will be invaluable as you move forward with your business.

Your business might not take off as fast you hoped it would be. If that is the case, treat it as an opportunity for an advanced form of education.

  1. It takes more than effort


The time put into a project doesn’t always result to growth. Instead on counting the hours you put on work, the focus should be on having a specific set of goals and the way to achieve it. Instead of spending your time trying to grind your way to success, why not take a step back and look at a challenge from different perspectives?

You’ll realize soon enough that there are several ways to overcome obstacles. It’s just like running a track with hurdles. Sometimes, you will need to slow down your pace in preparation for a jump. You can’t just bulldoze your way to the finish line.

  1. A lot like love


It doesn’t matter how many times you struck out. Every failure is a step on your way to succeeding. It doesn’t really matter how many times your heart got broken once you have found the right one.

Business ventures always carry a risk and there will always be times that you find yourself struggling. However, the key is to always be inspired so that you can stand up from every fall. Visualize what you want to achieve and stay focused on it.

  1. Making the right call


There is a fine line between being persistent and just plain stubbornness. There are challenges that require more than your efforts. If you think you need help, then ask for it.

Although learning new skills is priceless, it’s also important that you allocate your time to more things that matter most. You can probably mop the floor of your office but there’s a reason you don’t bother with it. This stays true in other aspects of your business wherein delegating the task to someone better equipped to do it is the right call.

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